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“We cannot teach people anything;
we can only help them
discover it within themselves.”

Galilei Galileo, signifies what I took out most from the Tokyo Innovation Summer Program in Japan.
In my own words, it helped me realize the great potential for innovation lying both in my hands and
existing in my environment. It is truly unlocking hidden potentials.(by past participant)

The application has been closed now.

The application period is up to March 31st (GMT).




Welcome to TISP2018!

“Interested in learning how to create innovative ideas? Have you always wanted to come to Japan? Then TISP is your program!”

During the past 5 years, TISP (Tokyo Innovation Summer Program) has served as an innovative experience for students around the world. The intensive 2-week program is attended by selected international students from around the world,* students from Japan, and high school students from the regional areas of Japan. Together in diverse teams, you will go to places and interview people to find unique embedded stories. The "real stories" collected will be the seeds for your innovative ideation.

* is an annual innovation education program for university students, which started at The University of Tokyo in 2009. The focus of is to challenge solving social issues through innovative ideas, putting emphasis on a human-centered approach. The one-year program bears no credits or degrees to the students, but has been able to attract highly motivated personnel who actively challenge the toughest social tasks. In 2017, spanned out from The University of Tokyo, and today aims to provide open education opportunities to many university students in Japan. TISP 2018 is presented by


Teaching Method:
Boosting your Vision!

The program encourages students to develop their skills for innovation, regardless of whether it is their first-time learning the innovation process. The teaching method is designed in a way that first-time learners and skilled learners can encourage each other throughout the program. Taking away the experiences learnt will surely boost your visions with a confidence in innovation.

Diverse Student Body:
Connect with Talented
Students Worldwide!

The program puts emphasis on diversity, thus participants come from universities all over the world. Furthermore, participants also have diverse academic backgrounds, such as Business, Engineering, Economics, Education, Architecture, Design, Art, etc. Experiencing the program together will surely strengthen connections and form a worldwide team.

Fieldwork Experience:
Dive Deep into Japan’s
Cutting Edge!

One of the highlights of the program allows participants to understand Japan’s culture, from the traditional local up to the latest cool-urban lifestyle. The program offers not only classes and workshops, but also various opportunities for students to study Japan through a hands-on experience, including fieldwork in Tokyo and in a local region in Japan.



The first half of the 2-week program will be held in Tokyo. This part will be for International students and students. The program will be composed of a full day fieldwork in the heart of Tokyo, followed by 3 days of workshops at the Komaba Campus, The University of Tokyo. The aim of the workshop is to design an attractive product/service, which embeds the story you have found from the fieldwork. We will analyze existing products/services with embedded stories, and come up with new ideas applying analogical thinking. By the end of this workshop, you will learn the basic process of an innovation workshop and how to come up with innovative ideas.

In the latter half of the workshop, participants will be asked to apply what they have learned in Tokyo to support high school students do the same in the regional areas of Japan. We will split into two groups, fly over to two different local destinations, and will be joined by local high school students. In Tokyo, you are the learners, but in the regional area, you will be the coaches and the discussion partners for the high school students.


The official language that will be used in TISP 2018 will be English. Japanese students will support with interpretation during the fieldworks.



“Nothing more life changing”

There is nothing more life changing than experiencing Japan and creativity with more than 40 other strangers from around the world, who become your friends, teammates, and mentors.


“The possibilities are everywhere.”

You will make friends, you will be in a place where everyone wants to make a change, you will learn, and you will create. Do not hesitate on applying, you will broaden your visions!


“Now I look at things
in a better perspective.”

Before TISP, I didn’t really believe in myself or have any confidence in my ideas. This program taught me that I can make a change and help others. I gained more confidence and motivation.


“You’ll learn so much from others”

I have learned a method to think about innovation from my values and observations. I also really enjoyed interacting with everyone here and know I will be leaving with some wonderful friends.


“The courage to take a step forward”

The Regional Program was one of the best experiences of my life. Interacting with the local youth, gave me new insights and courage to take a step forward in my career. Thank you!


Application Period March 1st - March 31st(GMT), 2018
Duration July 30th - August 10th, 2018

Monday, July 30th - Registration & welcome party
Tuesday, July 31st - Fieldwork/Tokyo
Wednesday, August 1st - Workshop1 day 1
Thursday, August 2nd - Workshop1 day 2
Friday, August 3rd - Workshop1 day 3
Saturday, August 4th - Free day in Tokyo
Sunday, August 5th - Fly to regional area
Monday, August 6th - Fieldwork/regional area
Tuesday, August 7th - Workshop2 day 1
Wednesday, August 8th - Wworkshop2 day 2
Thursday, August 9th - Presentation
Friday, August 10th - Back to Tokyo & closing
(* Schedule may change.)


Students from overseas will be staying at a hotel (single room) in Tokyo. For the visits to local areas, we will all be staying at Japanese local inns, in traditional tatami-rooms, sleeping on traditional Japanese futon (multi-room).

Number of Participants International students from overseas: up to 15
Japanese students from up to 15
Qualifications for Application University Students

Students currently enrolled in a university (undergraduate, graduate or PhD programs), including those who will graduate in June 2018.
Participants must be able to attend the program for the whole duration.

*There will be a selection process based on your submitted application. The results will be announced by the end of April(GMT).
Fees 120,000 JPY (about 1,200USD)

What is included in the fee?

-program participation
-transportation between Tokyo and regional areas

What is not included in the fee?

-travel expenses to Japan (i.e. air fares, visa fees, insurance, local transportation in your country)
-travel expenses within Tokyo (i.e. transportation from and to the airport to the hotel, local trains, subways, busses during fieldwork in Tokyo)
-other personal allowances

*There are no scholarships available for this program.


Application form is here. See you in Tokyo!