Jan 19, 2016

<innotalk vol.12>「Leading with Creative Confidence」IDEO Tom Kelley氏

小人数で密度の濃いディスカッションを実現する非公開イベント「イノトーク(innovation talk)」にて、急遽Tom Kelley氏(IDEOパートナー、i.schoolエグゼクティブフェロー)をお迎えすることになりました。i.schoolコミュニティの皆様に向けて、以下の予定でプレゼンテーションをしていただきます。詳細内容は未定ですが、事例を通じてクリエイティブワークの思想について語っていただく予定です。

タイトル>「Leading with Creative Confidence」






  • Tom Kelley

    Tom Kelley is a Partner at IDEO, a global design and innovation firm that helps clients create new products, services, environments, and experiences. He is author of The Art of Innovation (Hasso Suru Kaisha), The Ten Faces of Innovation (Inoveshun no Tatsujin), and the New York Times bestseller, Creative Confidence (Kuretivu Maindosetu). All three of Tom’s books have had successful Japanese editions. Tom is also a leading innovation speaker, addressing scores of business audiences in Asia, Europe, and America on how to foster a culture of innovation and tap into the creative potential of their organizations.

    Tom was appointed as an Executive Fellow at the founding of the University of Tokyo’s innovative new “i.school” in 2009, and continues to perform that role. He also currently serves on the board of directors at the Tokyo-based Japan Innovation Network. From his home in the Silicon Valley, he participates as an official Friend of the Council to the U.S.-Japan Council, which uses innovative programs to increase positive and productive cooperation with Japan.