Aug 19, 2010

*inno-talk* Transforming understanding into value By Rich Radka, Claro Partners 2010.9.2.

Within the business and the design worlds, there is an increasing focus on terms such as user-centered design, co-creation, design thinking, and innovation. But how do you bring all of these tools and theories together into a cohesive model? What are the key factors along the problem-solving path that allows you to take insight about consumers and the world around us and make it relevant and actionable within a corporate setting? Rich Radka will discuss his thinking on this topic to provide the audience with practical guidelines for creating value out of understanding.

Claro Partners

Date and Time: September 2nd, 2010 (Thurs)
16:30-18:30 (The venue will be open from 16:15.)

Venue: 1F, 2 gokan Dept. Engineering, Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo
next to Matsumotoro Restaurant

Attendance: Up to 30 persons. Anyone can attend, free of charge.
We will receive the entries in order of arrival, and will confirm the acceptance by email your sign-up within a few days.

Language: English

If you have any questions regarding to the sympsium or, please contact us through the contact form, or just send an email to info<at>

  • Rich Radka

    Managing Director, Claro Partners. Rich Radka makes sense of the rapid shifts occurring around the world and transforms them into valuable insights for client organizations. A founding partner at Claro Partners, Rich balances our business, design, and social science competencies to help businesses recognize their opportunities, make informed strategic decisions, and anchor their paths into the future. Prior to founding Claro Partners, Rich was a partner at Node, Innovation for Growth in Barcelona, and previously was a co-founder of Nest – the home lab in New York, as well as director of user experience at Sapient. Rich has developed strategies and user-centered solutions for physical and digital products, services, and experiences for dozens of clients such as IBM, Samsung, Spanair, Motorola, AT&T, Skype, Telefónica, Nokia, Intel, and Vodafone. He has taught ethnographic research techniques, innovation, and creative management at Pratt Institute and Parsons Design School, both in New York, and he has presented frequently for such groups as AIGA, IDSA, EPIC, and ESOMAR. Rich has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Intermedia from Arizona State University.