Mar 25, 2019

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「Is your Enterprise Ready to Innovate?」
トロント大学Heather Fraser教授

Synopsis of the Talk: Is your Enterprise Ready to Innovate?

“Innovation is a no longer seen as a stream of activity, but rather the nature of business itself. To thrive and survive, an enterprise must continually be searching for new ways to create and sustain value.”

From the Introduction of Design Works: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Value through Business Design It takes an entire enterprise to deliver an ongoing stream of new value. With innovation as a top priority, many leaders often ask: Is our organization fully prepared to create and deliver new value on a sustained basis?

What can we learn from high-performing enterprises that have built a culture of human-centered innovation? Their success lies in a strategic, design-oriented approach to making innovation and value creation an enterprise-wide quest supported by critical conditions for success. That’s ‘innovation readiness’.

In this talk, Heather will share the 5 factors that define 5 key factors that define important conditions for innovation success based on her research and practice.

<Date and Time> 17:00-18:30, 5th April, 2019

<Venue> studio (Akamon Higuchi Building 2F, 5-27-8 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)

<Language> English

About the Book:
Design Works is a guide to driving innovation and growth in any venture – from start-ups to established enterprises. Heather’s book deeply explores practices that drive innovation and growth – through stories, insights, interviews and tools. It offers shrewd advice on how to effectively link innovation efforts to enterprise strategy, contextualize the innovation challenge, mindfully engage employees and other important stakeholders, and integrate data analysis with an eye to building a compelling business case for investment in value-creating efforts. “It is THE essential read for design an business now.” Robert Schwartz, Vice President of Global Design and User Experience at GE Healthcare

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  • Heather Fraser

    Heather Fraser is Adjunct Professor at Rotman.  She is co-founder of Rotman DesignWorks.  She is a leader in Business Design practices and design-inspired student programs. She consults on Business Design initiatives for corporations, public entities, and educational institutions internationally.  In 2012, Heather started up a new independent venture, Vuka Innovation, which is dedicated to building organizations’ capacity to innovate through Business Design. Heather is the author of Design Works: How to Tackle Your Toughest Innovation Challenges through Business Design.  Prior to joining Rotman, Fraser held leadership positions at Procter & Gamble, Ogilvy & Mather, and TAXI Advertising & Design.