Apr 28, 2020

<innotalk vol.02 _20>「Empowering the Next Generation for Innovating Innovation」Mohi U. Ahmed氏

イノトーク(innovation talk)は小人数で密度の濃いディスカッションを実現する非公開イベントです。

2020年度2回目のイノトークは、シリコンバレーでイノベーションの実践経験があり、現在は日本企業でオープンイノベーションのアドバイザーとして活躍されている、Mohi U. Ahmed氏に登壇いただきます。
テーマは「Empowering the Next Generation for Innovating Innovation」です。


Many people often see young people as Job seekers. I see them as potential Job creators. In this brief talk, I would like to share my personal reflections and ignite discussions for innovating innovation. My experience convinces me that a WiseAction platform can deliver the results young people deserve. WiseAction is a set of principles to help ensure that one knows the right things to do and can execute them successfully to serve the common good – what I see as doing well by doing good.

Everyone deserves an opportunity to be part of an innovation initiative. But, in reality how many people really get such an opportunity in the world today? Even if they get an opportunity, are they doing anything wisely? If not, why not? And how can we empower the next generation to take WiseAction? Take a step back. Imagine some ‘what ifs’. What if practitioners from different sectors in different nations could reimagine, reinvent, and realize a platform that empowers the next generation – no matter where the young people come from? What if practitioners around the world collaborated to help the next generation feel gifted? What if there were equal opportunities to learn-break-create and obtain practical wisdom from entrepreneurs and other practitioners? What if a platform could help the next generation connect and collaborate with others around the world easily and seamlessly? And, what if the next generation could play an active role in the platform which allows them take actions wisely? All of these elements make up what I call the WiseAction platform.

Let’s explore why should we care about WiseAction platform? What do we really need to reimagine, reinvent, and realize the WiseAction platform and how can we make it happen, together.






  • Mohi U. Ahmed

    Innovation Practitioner

    Mohi Ahmed was named as one of the world’s key “Idea Practitioners” in the book What’s the Big Idea? Published by Harvard Business School Press. He was featured in the book Glow, written by Lynda Gratton of London Business School and in the book Staring Down the Wolf, written by US Navy Seal Mark Divine. In addition to practices of innovation in industry for about 28 years, he has been working with many world-class thinkers in academic institutions around the world.

    He served as a Visiting Scholar at Haas Business School – University of California at Berkeley (Sponsored by Henry Chesbrough), Harvard Business School in Boston (Sponsored by Dorothy Leonard), and Hitotsubashi University’s Business School – ICS (Sponsored by Ikujiro Nonaka) in Tokyo.

    He earned PhD in Applied Sciences from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver and continued studies of Entrepreneurship at Cambridge University and Sustainability at Oxford University while he was working as the Director of Services Innovation at Fujitsu in the UK.

    His book Living Service – How to Deliver the Service of the Future Today has been published by the Financial Times and translated into multiple languages globally.

    He served as the Senior Director of Open Innovation Gateway – Powered by Fujitsu, based in Silicon Valley, California more than 5 years, served the Thinkers50 advisory team several years, and currently working at Shimizu Corporation in Tokyo, Japan.

    Mohi enjoys sharing his experiences in innovating innovation with the ones who cares about making a difference in the world with an open mind.