Jul 28, 2014

2014-15年度 第5回レギュラー・ワークショップ「Design New Ideas from Japanese Washi paper」2014.8.


The Royal College of Art’s Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) Programme as a reputation for delivering design led innovation through a very practical, hands-on approach. In this workshop you will learn a rapid and easily deployable innovation process that you can transpose to other challenges in the future. It will be material focused and there will be lots of making, hands on work and prototyping. You will be looking at a apanese craft – washi paper. Washi paper is a traditional material that was made and used for centuries for all kind of different functions. We want you to explore new uses for paper that utilise it’s special functions and bring new delight to the modern world. You will use creative idea generation techniques, building models and testing, failing and building again to explore new ideas and find extraordinary new solutions.

Date and time: 10:00-18:00, Group A: August 4(Mon)-5(Tues), Group B: August 1(Fri)-2(Sat)
Venue: KOMCEE, Komaba Campus

Facilitator:Prof. Miles Pennington, Royal College of Art and his team

** This workshop is a part of the program TISP2014.

** There is no additional call for participation.

  • Miles Pennington

    Professor Miles Pennington
    Miles is Professor of Design Led Innovation, IIS (Institute of Industrial Science), The University of Tokyo. He was Head of the Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) programme, Royal College of Art. Miles has over 20 years of experience in developing products and educating students. Together with leading the IDE programme he is also a Director of the London studio of the creative innovation agency takram. He has a make it real approach to design and a passion to bring exciting new ideas to life.