Aug 28, 2021

「Disruptive Innovation」

This workshop is provided by Professor Miles Pennington and his team at the DLX Design Lab which is an initiative established by The University of Tokyo’s Institute of Industrial Science in December 2016. The goal of the DLX Design Lab is firstly to create innovative prototypes of products and services by close collaboration between designers, engineers and scientists. Secondly, it is about disseminating knowledge and nurturing future talent by organizing forums, exhibitions and workshops to share design engineering methods with academia, industry and government agencies.

The workshop process is essentially a design thinking experience but with an emphasis on disruptive innovation. Unfortunately, because COVID-19 threat has been spreading, this workshop will be run online and utilise Zoom and Miro (digital whiteboard tool) plus other online design tools as needed. Also, the organizer will send participants a list of small prototype-kit in advance with the budget so they can purchase materials and create mock-ups by themselves during the workshop.

This workshop takes advantage of the current situation as an opportunity to try innovative ways of doing design-led innovation workshops online.

Theme > Disruptive Innovation

Synopsis of workshop >
There are many different approaches to innovation. Some are linear problem-solution searches; some are lateral explorative journeys. In this workshop we look at design thinking as a process to find more revolutionary ideas. Why? Well, many companies are stuck refining and developing their products with the strategy, “What’s the biggest thing we can do without being too new?” They look for iterative steps forward, ones that minimise risk. This is a safe approach but one that is not going to change the world. New thinking is needed. We need step change innovation. That’s what this workshop explores. Participants will use everyday products as a focus and produce radically different designs (mocked-up) by the end of the two-day project experience.

Day 1
– Introduction to Design Thinking and Disruptive Innovation
– Exploring the opportunity
– Idea Generation
– Idea mapping and selection
– Concept presentations & feedback

Day 2
– Introduction to prototyping and thinking through making
– Concept testing
– Concept development
– Pitching your idea
– Final Presentations, voting and reflections

Pre-assignment > Coming soon

Date and Time >
10:00-17:30, 30th September and 1st October, 2021

Online Venue> Zoom ID will be announced to participants directly.


Application for students and corporate sponsors>Please confirm e-mail sent by and apply with the URL.

  • Miles Pennington

    Professor of DLX Design Lab
    Institute of Industrial Science
    The University of Tokyo

    Miles Pennington is professor of Design Led Innovation and helps direct a unique international innovation lab at The University of Tokyo – the DLX Design Lab. Previously he was at the Royal College of Art  in London and was Head of Programme of the Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) joint Masters programme with Imperial College – he is an alumnus of the IDE programme and graduated in 1992. He was also Founder and Head of the international exchange programme Global Innovation Design (GID) programme in 2012. In the past in parallel to his academic work he was a Director of the London office of the innovation consultancy Takram. He moved to Japan in September 2017 to join the University of Tokyo.