Oct 17, 2011



Innovation is a teachable skill, not an innate talent.  By better understanding the processes and methods that designers use to approach problems and ideate solutions, technically-focused individuals and organizations will be better able to improve their innovation processes to provide competitive advantage.  Dave Blakely will discuss the essential role that technologists play on multidisciplinary innovation teams.  He will also describe the changes in mindset and behavior that are incumbent on technologists in order to support innovation.

Date and Time: October 26th, 2011 (Wed)
10:00-11:30 (The venue will be open from 09:45.)

Venue: 1F, 2 gokan Dept. Engineering, Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo
next to Matsumotoro Restaurant

Attendance: Up to 30 persons. Anyone can attend, free of charge.
We will receive the entries in order of arrival, and will confirm the acceptance by email your sign-up within a few days.

Language: English

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  • Dave Blakely

    Dave Blakely is a Senior Director based in IDEO’s Palo Alto office. He leads Technology Strategy at IDEO, which explores links between emerging technologies, business opportunities and customer needs. Dave implements the methods and tools of Technology Strategy through his management of strategic relationships with several of IDEO’s technology-focused clients such as NASA, Cisco and ConocoPhillips. Much of Dave’s work involves helping technology-focused companies to advance their cultures of innovation, and to develop products and services to maintain market leadership. He also advises executives at a number of different technology companies, serves on advisory boards for business and academia, conducts innovation workshops, and speaks frequently to academic and business groups. Dave is a faculty adviser to Singularity University, a new academic institution that understands and facilitates development of exponentially advancing technology to address broad challenges to humanity.