Feb 24, 2012


We’ve closed the call for participation. Thank you for your interest. We’ll soon send the confirmation mail to those who have signed up.
In just a week before the first anniversary of 311, the Great East Japan Earthquake, we have an opportunity to invite Dr. Alessandro Biamonti from the Polytechnic of Milan Design Faculty at just the right time. Purpose of this event shall be a reflection about the role of design in the wide context of social and economical big changes.
His lecture will introduce a vision of our time and its characteristics, from the point of view of design. Design would be defined, within this scenario, with references to a broader historical dimension.
After his talk, Fumiko Ichikawa, a senior researcher at Hakuhodo Innovation Laboratory will join in the session and engage in wide-ranging discussion through few main keywords, so that we set the basis for a discussion about new paradigms for a sustainable development for an evolved society.

Date and Time: March 3rd, 2012 (Sat.)
13:00-15:00 (The venue will be open from 12:30.)

Venue: Seihoku Gallery, Yayoi Campus, The University of Tokyo

Attendance: Up to 60 persons. Anyone can attend, with free of charge.
We will receive the entries in order of arrival, and will confirm the acceptance by email your sign-up within several days.

Language: English

If you have any questions regarding the seminar and/or i.school, please contact us through the contact form, or just send an email to info<at>ischool.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp.

  • Alessandro Biamonti

    PhD in Industrial Design and Multimedia Communication. He carries out activities of teaching and research at the Polytechnic of Milan Design
    Faculty, where he coordinates the activities of Lab.I.R.Int (Laboratory for Research and Innovation of Interior) research team. Member of the Interior Research Unit (Polytechnic of Milan), is also part of the Scientific Committee of the Center for Design Studies (Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais – Brazil). As member the Design PhD Coordination Board (Polytechnic of Milan), he’s encharged to organize series of open lectures and international activities. Visiting professor in Siena (Communication Environment Design Degree). He performed didactic activities at post-graduate courses at Domus Academy, NABA, Scuola Politecnica di Design. Author of essays and articles, he shows his approach and studies in international conferences.

  • 市川文子